About UsWe focus on learning, transactions, connections and initiatives where we can add the most value, and strive to build trusted, long-term partnerships.

Who we are

ASFI Group is a leading sustainable finance intermediary accelerating Africa’s transition to a low-carbon, inclusive, and resilient future. We bridge the gap between capital and sustainable development by designing and implementing innovative programs that overcome barriers to scaling finance.

Our holistic approach fosters ecosystems that align financial, relational, intellectual, transactional, and human capital. By deeply understanding the market, we identify and address key challenges, unlocking sustainable investment opportunities and driving positive impact across the continent.


capital raised for low-carbon businesses and projects from asset owners, family offices, and HNW individuals


years of experience working with leading asset owners and investment managers on ESG and sustainable finance


hours of learnin content created to upskill and reskill professionals on ESG, sustainable and climate finance

What we offer you


Our independence and employee ownership allow us to focus on serving African asset owners, with the shared objectives of sustaining generational wealth and ensuring a secure retirement future.


Our team of research specialists provides insights on a broad range of capabilities, including Equity, Fixed Income, Multi-Asset, and alternatives investment strategies, across various geographies.


Our global team has a presence in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the United States, enabling us to quickly adapt your resources for maximum impact while bridging the gap between planning and execution.

What we offer you

Data Availability >

Many initiatives suffer from poor data tracking or inaccessible information. These silos create a barrier to transparency, hindering effective decision-making and limiting the flow of capital.

Stakeholder Alignment >

Building partnerships across sectors and engaging multiple stakeholders that can address both financial and non-financial actions necessary to mitigate the systemic risks of climate change.

Deal Origination >

Pooling and aggregating smaller developers, companies, and projects can create opportunities for scalability. However, this requires a robust network that can detect promising deals in their early stages.

Capacity and Capability >

Businesses, financial and investment professionals face the acute challenge of upskilling and reskilling in climate-related risk, green financing, ESG and sustainability.
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