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Building transaction clusters

Our core expertise is and has always been building investment bridges into and across Africa. The Africa Sustainable Finance Institute (ASFI) is a transaction intermediary for sustainable finance in Africa. We exist to aggregate sustainable transactions, build mechanisms, and create partnerships to scale institutional equity, debt and blended capital into transactions across Africa. We do this by coordinating, facilitating, and driving the implementation of ASFI Strategic Intent.

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Strategic clusters


ASFI curates the most comprehensive, pan-African and multi-stakeholder conveneing on sustainable finance across Africa and beyond. This platform serves as a focal point for thought leaders, decision-makers, and practitioners with a wide array of voices and perspectives, fostering a holistic and inclusive dialogue on the pressing challenges and opportunities in sustainable finance.


With ASFI Clusters, we connect a strong network capable of identifying promising programs and initiatives in their early phases. These clusters serve as platforms for forming valuable partnerships across various sectors. This approach is crucial for addressing both the financial and non-financial measures needed to mitigate the systemic risks associated with climate change.


Our commitment is to enhance green and sustainable finance capacity in Africa’s financial services sector. This is pivotal for the continent’s transition toward a low-carbon, inclusive, and resilient economy. Our strategic goal is to foster collective efforts in upskilling and reskilling finance professionals, ensuring that the continent has the necessary talent to implement these critical changes.


We are making significant investments in deal origination and aggregation, recognizing their pivotal role in attracting institutional capital on a large scale. By combining smaller deals and transactions with shared characteristics and requirements, we’re structuring them into investment opportunities that align with the needs of both investors and investees. This approach enhances efficiency and scalability in sustainable finance.


We are creating a talent pool that links sustainable businesses and investors with specialized, experienced professionals who are at the forefront of sustainable finance innovation in Africa and beyond. ASFI Talent offers businesses access to a diverse and highly skilled network of executives and senior practitioners who are driving innovation in sustainable finance, both in Africa and globally.

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