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Transaction intermediary for sustainable finance in Africa.

Sustainable finance scalability challenges

Data Availability and Assurance

Tracking the outcome of a project or investment is impossible without reliable data. Unfortunately, this data is often not tracked or easily accessible, leading to silos that hinder the attraction of more capital.

Market Fragmentation

The sustainable finance market in Africa is at risk of fragmentation. While a global taxonomy is unlikely, a common baseline can identify connections among taxonomies.

Implementation Capacity

A collective action is needed to upskill and reskill professionals to bridge capacity and capability gaps in the implementation of climate change, green finance and sustainability.

Multi-stakeholder Alignment

Building outcome-based engagement with multiple stakeholders is key to scaling capital for both financial and non-financial actions necessary to mitigate the systemic risks of climate change.

An Africa-focused sustainable finance intermediary

Africa is currently dealing with several challenges that make it difficult to finance a transition to a low-carbon, socially inclusive, and resilient economy. These challenges include global economic uncertainty, financing constraints, social tensions, and energy and food security concerns.
Despite being one of the least polluting continents, Africa is now among the most vulnerable to climate-related risks. With a lack of viable global solutions that consider the unique economic, cultural, and social contexts of African countries, leaders in policy, business, finance, and investment must unite to create frameworks and foster collaboration to develop green projects and scale sustainable finance. This serves as the fundamental basis for ASFI’s operations.
ASFI Material Impact

Our material impact

To maximize our impact on people, profit and the planet, it’s important that we accurately measure it. That’s why we create impact rating tools that are tailored to our work and adhere to the best practices in our industry. At ASFI, we intentionally define strategic impact objectives (What, Who, How Much, Contribution, and Risk) for the Learning, Events, Cluster Services and Transactions we aggregate. Through each project and programme stage, we establish and monitor impact performance for the whole programme, while recognizing that impact may vary across the projects that make up the programme.


50+ Hours

Over 50+ hours of verifiable continuing professional development learning video and audio content



Over 2000+ C-level executives, institutional investors, investment managers and policymakers


50 million

Pipeline value of handpicked deals that have secured either private finance, philanthropic and/or public sector capital

Latest Insight

Sandra Villars hosts a discussion with Nigel Beck, Arvana Singh, and Greg Fyfe on how South African banks are putting their sustainability approaches into action. The conversation will be interactive.

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