ClustersSolution-oriented, curated to scrutinize, comprehend, and implement practical and timely solutions to the most complex challenges to the resilience of African markets.

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Building impactful clusters

ASFI Clusters serve as platforms for convening and uniting a robust network of specialized professionals dedicated to addressing a particular initiative, issue, or imminent challenge that poses a substantial risk to the resilience and sustainability of both African private and public sectors. These clusters are solution-oriented groups, meticulously curated to scrutinize, comprehend, articulate, and implement practical and timely solutions. Their focus is on collaborative efforts to tackle complex challenges and drive positive change within the African financial landscape.
International diversification can reduce volatility, minimise risks and possibly improve investment returns of pensions and lifetime portfolios. For pension and lifetime funds across Africa, this represents an allocation opportunity since they are faced with additional country-specific risks such as economic, political, local market and currency.

With regulations now easing to pave the way for international diversification, what is the optimum asset allocation between domestic and international asset classes? How can pension and lifetime funds identify foreign markets that could benefit their portfolio dynamics? What asset classes are delivering cross-border return premiums? What are the most appropriate ways of externalising assets across jurisdictions? How can institutional investors estimate the real benefits of their exposure to cross-border asset classes?
Stanley Austin ASFI

Stanley Austin

Partner, Africonomie & Director, ASFI group

Ben Amenya

Pension Investment Consultancy

Ben Amenya

Pension Investment Consultancy

Featured clusters

ASFI Carbon Credit & Offset Cluster

Carbon Credit & Offset Markets

Carbon market allows investors and corporations to trade both carbon credits and carbon offsets simultaneously. This cluster focuses on how to develop a CCOMs to mitigate Africa’s environmental challenges.
ASFI AI and Data Cluster

Sustainability, AI & Data (SAID)

How can AI and data science techniques be deployed to align investment solutions with sustainability and climate action to meaningfully adapt and finance Africa’s transition to a low-carbon, inclusive and resilient economy.